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Bee packages and bees

Bee packages is one of the most convenient ways to equip, create a new apiary or increase the number of bee colonies in an existing apiary.

The queen bee & nbsp; is the queen of the hive, which ensures the viability of the bee colony: the health and & nbsp; activity of insects depends on & nbsp; the growth of their & nbsp; numbers.

Bashkir Med Trading House LLC offers in 2021 bee packages from its own apiaries and partners’ apiaries. Our apiaries are located in Kugarchinsky and Miyakinsky districts away from large settlements and busy highways.

From May 15, 2021, it will be possible to buy bee packages with bees of the Central Russian Bashkir population in the following configuration:

four frames and six frames of the “Dadan” type, of which up to three frames with brood. The frames are firmly fixed at the bottom and top to prevent wobbling.

number of bees: not less than 1,200 kg., according to GOST 20728-75.

breed of bees: breed of the Central Russian Bashkir population.

queen bee: last year, with a custom color tag.

packing: strong fiberboard box for two packages (dimensions 51x36x42).

Bee package price: one-frame 4500 rubles and six-frame 6000 rubles

The price of a queen bee: fertile 1000 rubles and barren 400 rubles

Date of sale of the fetal uterus from June 10, 2021, infertile from May 15, 2021

Bee packages have the following accompanying documents: veterinary certificate, apiary passport, bee colonies inspection certificate. There is a possibility of being present during the formation of bee packages.

You can place an order by phone & nbsp; 8-989-958-83-10, +7 (347) 246-66-12 & nbsp; or by sending a request by e-mail & nbsp; tdbashmed @mail .ru , http://bashkorthan.ru/ , @ td.bashmed, https://vk.com/id650518220.

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