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Honey “Wooden barrel white (hoop)


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Natural Bashkir honey is a valuable gift of nature. His fame goes all over the world. It is a favorite delicacy of honey connoisseurs. The healing properties of honey have been used by people for many centuries to preserve and maintain health. The value and uniqueness of Bashkir honey is due to the uniqueness of the nature of Bashkortostan. Such a variety of flowering melliferous plants (about 400 species), which are the most valuable medicinal plants, can hardly be found elsewhere in Russia. More than a third of the territory of Bashkortostan is covered with forests, concentrating the most extensive areas of melliferous vegetation in the country.
Bashkir honey owes its fame to linden, it is the main honey plant of the republic. Linden Bashkir honey is transparent, light amber in color with a slight greenish tint. It has antibacterial properties, contains antimicrobial agents. An excellent prophylactic and therapeutic agent against colds and lung diseases. Recommended for inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, heart and kidney diseases. It has a good local effect in the treatment of wounds and burns.
No less valuable and good is the Bashkir prefabricated floral honey (forest, meadow, mountain), collected not from one, but from many melliferous plants. It is used as a dietary product for gastrointestinal diseases, to improve blood circulation and strengthen capillary vessels. He absorbed the power of dozens of medicinal plants, their nectar, pollen.
Bashkir honey in different years received high awards at exhibitions, fairs, competitions, both Russian and international, including medals of exhibitions of Apimondia congresses.

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